What can we make the world look like?

We envision BUILDING a community through unity where God’s presence is evident and where relationships are enhanced by the maturity of each person as Christ changes us.

Statement Of Faith

The Christian & Missionary Alliance Churches stand upon the solid foundations of basic Christian beliefs taken from the Scriptures. We believe that the Lord, through His Word, has the authority to guide us in what is essential. Though there are many beliefs and doctrines that could be listed, the Alliance churches have chosen these as our firm beliefs. Bridge Community Church whole-heartedly embraces these Biblical and historical statements of faith.

Core Values

Below are the seven Core Values of the National and District levels of the C&MA. Number eight is our addition.  The commentary below each one is our attempt to personalize them for our church. We, at Bridge Community Church, wholeheartedly embrace these core values. As Rev. Jeff Brown, our former district superintendent says, "I would like these to be not just our core values we believe, but our core values that express our behavior". While we acknowledge that some of these are not yet a full reality, they are what we desire to become.

What are core values? According to Audrey Malphurs in Advanced Strategic Planning, they are "the constant, passionate, biblical core beliefs that drive the ministry."