Foundations & Fellowship - 2018


Something for Everyone! @9:30 AM every Sunday

Resumes September 8, 2019

FOUNDATIONS - Opportunities to go deeper in various subjects; topics for teen and adult classes change approximately every 12 weeks; children's curriculum for grades preschool through grade 5. Nursery and toddler care provided.

BRIDGES Discipleship 101 - Pastor Randy (Faith Hall)  For adults and young adults

This is an introduction course on what being a disciple is and what is a discipleship ministry for a "Spiritually Beginning", "Spiritually Growing" or "Spiritually Mature" Christian. Bring your Bible and a willing heart to make 2019 the year that your spiritual life takes off and you learn how to invest in the lives of others to see them grow spiritually or come to Christ. It will not only deal with spiritual aspects of the Christian's life, but also the emotional and relational areas of your life.

Facilitator: Pastor Randy Vinson   

Cost:  No cost 

Disunity in Christ? - Jill Maneice & Pastor James (Teleios Cafe North) - for anyone 14 years of age and older who wants to read the book and discuss the book's content. Engage in the book Disunity in Christ: The Hidden Forces that Keep Us Apart written by Christian social psychologist and researcher Christena Cleveland, to explore "why Christians who have a heart for unity have such a hard time actually uniting." This class is designed to discuss the book's content through various forms of dialogue and interaction "to understand how we can overcome the hidden forces that divide" our church communities. Participants may purchase their own book or purchase one through the church.

Matthew - Japanese Bible Study - Tokiko Zywicki (Room in the southwest corner, off the Sanctuary platform)  This is a verse-by-verse study of the book of Matthew, conducted in Japanese.

Fellowship - Coffee and other beverages are available in Teleios Cafe from about 9:20AM - take a beverage to your class, or stay and hang out with others before the Worship Service starts.


Grace Hall:  "Little Builders" - Nursery through Kindergarten

Bridge Kids: Grades 1-5, will separate into age-appropriate groups