Vision/Purpose STATEMENT

Make Disciples

Love the Lord

Love All to Christ


We envision BUILDING a community through unity where God’s presence is evident and where relationships are enhanced by the maturity of each person as Christ changes us.

REPRODUCING strong, healthy, and maturing disciples and leaders from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds is our desire so that we can reach people groups in southeast Michigan and around the world.

INTERNATIONAL and local missions are in our DNA, and we will continue to partner with overseas churches to assist in planting the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the hearts of those who have not yet heard. Locally we desire to see our body as a mixture of cultures and ethnic groups that are reaching people and nationalities in life-transforming ways throughout our community.

We realize that our DEPENDENCE upon the Lord will keep us focused on Jesus Christ and His vision for reaching the world through the church. We also believe that “apart from Him, we can do nothing.” ( John 15:5) Evidence of our continual passion and thirsting for Christ is found in our love and obedience to His Word, the depth and faith of our prayer lives, and our daily abiding in His Holy Spirit..

Caring for the next GENERATION is imperative, and we are intentionally training and mentoring them so that they can have the skills to reach their own generation and future generations to come. To do this we purposefully guide our children through the gospel and teachings of Jesus Christ, and we model a life full of His presence.

ETERNITY is our focus, and as a result we cannot be content in our own journey while others perish because they do not know the Gospel. We are a people who are not ashamed of the Gospel and who cry out in prayer for: His Spirit, boldness, love, passion for souls, and revival in our hearts. We believe that sharing the Gospel with others is as natural and normal for Christians as being Spirit-filled, and so we desire for God's Son to also be born in the hearts of those with whom we work, live and play. With Heaven on our hearts, we chose to evangelize in the time we have here on earth.