Foundations & Fellowship - 2016

Something for Everyone! @9.30 AM every Sunday

FOUNDATIONS & FELLOWSHIP HOUR – the following opportunities for growth will be offered from 9:30-10:30 AM each Sunday, followed by the worship service at 10:45 AM. 

Take a cup of coffee or juice from Teleios and head to the class of your choice:


GOD AND GOVERNMENT - will explore what the Bible says is the Christian's responsibility with respect to government and what is government's proper role. We will also discuss the various governments man has devised and what their role has been in fostering the citizen’s happiness. Facilitated by Wes Glasgow; meets in the Prayer Room

THE PROPHECY PROJECT - The purpose of the Prophecy Project is to explore on a deeper level Bible prophecy. We'll be looking at prophecy already fulfilled, but also diving into the Major and Minor prophets, and the New Testament, to get the whole picture of what God has said about the future. The idea is to put it all together like a puzzle and see how the individual pieces fall into place - without any contradiction. We will discover together what the Book says. Facilitated by Mike Hood; meets in the Library

AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE - This 7-week class will be on the very basics of ASL, such as the alphabet, basic vocabulary, basic questions, etc. The only thing required for the class is a willingness to learn, paper, and pens or pencils. There will be no assigned homework, but it does help to practice on your own as well as in class. Each class will be a different vocabulary topic with a brief review of topics previously learned (so if you miss a few classes, it won't be a huge deal, but, as always, it is beneficial to attend every class). Facilitated by Rachel Bruhn; meets in the room at the front of the Sanctuary, to the right of the platform (windows side)

RADICAL - This term the students will be studying Radical by David Platt, and discussing the importance of being intentional in evangelism and lifestyle. Though this class is geared towards students, we will open it up to adults who are interested in learning in an intergenerational setting. Facilitated by Pastor James; meets in Teleios Cafe.

GROWING IN CHRIST - Part 1 - This is a simple, basic class for new and growing Christians. It covers the basic foundational beliefs and practices that each Christian should know and do. This will also be helpful for parents who want to build these concepts into their children as they grow older or for mature Christians who want to do follow-up on training a new Christian on how to grow in Christ. Facilitated by Pastor Randy; meets in Faith Hall

HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY – is a 6-part overview of the 2,000-year history of the Christian Church, by Dr. Timothy George, historian and Dean, Beeson Divinity School of Samford University. DVD series. Facilitated by Po Wang; meets in Pastor James’ office

EXODUS (Japanese Bible Study) – Verse-by-verse study of Exodus. Facilitated by Tokiko Zywicki; meets in Pastor Randy’s office

FELLOWSHIP – In addition to the fellowship aspect in the above classes, opportunities for adults for casual conversation and refreshments will be plentiful in the south half of Teleios Café (next to the kitchen).


Jr & Sr High Youth (Grades 6-12) – Meet in Teleios Café (the north end, where the couches are)


BRIDGE KIDS – Age-appropriate child care and learning & activities are provided for all children birth-5th grade, during both Foundations and the Worship Service.